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Welcome to Sleep Better Lexington

We offer treatment for snoring and sleep apnea to communities in and around Lexington, Kentucky. If you suffer from chronic fatigue, sleepless nights or heavy snoring our solution might be right for you.

Since 2007, our sleep doctor has been providing custom oral appliances that relieve sleep apnea symptoms and improve our patient’s long-term health. Our Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) treatment is non-invasive and will easily fit into your every-day life.

Best yet, Sleep Better Lexington is a participating Medicare provider for oral sleep appliances.   

If your personal physician, has diagnosed you with sleep apnea, please call us at 859.721.2072 to schedule an OAT consultation.

If you have not yet completed a sleep study, we recommend doing so. A list of recommended physicians for your study can be found here.


Dr. Takacs is one of the area’s most experienced dentist in the field of sleep medicine!

Schedule your consultation with her, today! The team at Sleep Better Lexington provides quality treatment for patients struggling with snoring and sleep apnea. All of our oral appliances are FDA approved, come with warranties and are a custom-fit solution made just for you. Our focus on dental sleep care allows us to treat our sleep apnea patients with the precise attention they deserve.


“I came to Dr. Takacs and literally had this device within three weeks. It has changed my quality of life tremendously and the quality of professionalism that I receive here is phenomenal.”

– Steve B.


“I have to set an alarm, so I don’t sleep too much! I’m truly a new man after having gone through having this appliance made and I would recommend anyone having sleep problems to come see (them)!"

– David J.


“Things are getting better. I’m sleeping better. I have a diagnosis and I have a path to successfully improve…”
- William S.

We Can Help You Get A Better Night Sleep

For many people, traditional therapies fail to address their sleep symptoms. Night time leaves them restless, as they wake up at all hours short of breath and gasping for air. Others go through their days with chronic headaches; while they and their partner suffer from daytime sleepiness due to all the heavy snoring that occurred the night before. Even those trying CPAP treatment deal with nightly discomfort, dry nose/mouth/throat, rhinitis, nasal congestion and sore eyes. Learn more about our solution, an alternative to the CPAP, right here at Sleep Better Lexington!


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