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For many people, their experiences with Sleep Apnea creep up with seemingly unrelated events.

Sure, it’s easy to see that being tired might indicate you have a sleep problem, but everyone is tired these days, aren’t they? Being tired is a hallmark of modern life. But, does it need to be?

For some, the first thing they experience might be heart palpitations, for others it might be irregular rhythms. This gets treated independently, and there’s no link to sleep.

But the problem gets worse with time because the underlying issue isn’t dealt with. Increased fatigue, nausea, drowsiness, dizziness inevitably set in. Drugs are taken to try to remedy the symptoms.

The headaches and heart conditions increase until …

Hopefully, the person experiencing this story sees the right physician who can correctly identify that they are having a sleep disorder called Sleep Apnea.


If they don’t, it’s this very type of experience that has led to the deaths of thousands, who never knew that their increased vascular problems were due to a lack of oxygen in their sleep, or an inability to get complete sleep on the whole, or some combination of the two.

Sleep is perhaps the most important activity we partake in every day.

It’s the time our body heals itself and prepares us for the next day. If we are unable to get full cycles of balanced sleep, complete with deep sleep and REM sleep, then in the short term we are unable to function as full and complete humans. In the long term, we suffer significant catastrophic damage to our bodies, which can lead to complications or death.

For many people, the path to discovering and resolving their Sleep Apnea begins with a simple desire to get better more peaceful sleep. To wake up refreshed and with more energy throughout the day. You’ve probably been here…

But as you explore these desires, you begin to realize that there may be symptoms and problems you are experiencing related to your lack of good sleep.

These can include snoring, partners observing that you stop breathing or gasp for air at night, waking up drowsy, waking up with headaches, neckaches, backaches, having heart palpitations or other vascular symptoms, experiencing short term memory challenges. Sound familiar?

And as you dig into the origins of these problems and symptoms, you might find that Sleep Apnea could be something you have, and it’s a serious enough condition that you should get some clear answers from your physician. Have you talked to yours? 

If you have, and they diagnosed you with Obstructive Sleep Apnea and/or started you on a CPAP, and things still aren’t getting better, breathe easy! You’re not doomed. There is another option that is more comfortable, directly addresses problems associated with Obstructive Sleep Apnea, and easily fits into your everyday lifestyle.

At Sleep Better Lexington, we offer Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) , which supports the jaw in a forward position to help maintain an open upper airway. In essences, it helps you breathe easy, while you sleep easy.

After all, that’s our goal. We want YOU to get a more peaceful night’s rest, so you can live your happiest, healthiest, most energetic life.

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Prior to requesting your evaluation for our Oral Appliance Therapy, please be sure to have completed a sleep study with your physician. This study will be a part of the evaluation with Dr. Takacs and is mandatory for complete evaluation.

“Once you come visit us, we start each new patient evaluation with an in-depth conversation discussing your sleep habits and schedule,” says Sleep Better Lexington’s Dr. Trish Takacs. “Then we’ll perform a series of physical exams to evaluate the alignment and function of your teeth, jaws, neck and nasal passageways.”

Dr. Takacs says these tests are nothing to worry about as there’s typically no pain or discomfort, and they are performed conveniently in our office. You should be in and out of the office in 60-90 minutes.

Here are the evaluations you can expect at your new patient exam:

Cone Beam CT: provides a 3D image of airways, teeth, and jaws (basically an X-ray).

Head and neck exam: physical look at the teeth, tongue, jaws, and head and neck muscles to study how they move and interact with one another. This data will help us decide how to best treat your sleep apnea and eliminate that loud snoring and labored, sporadic breathing keeping you (and your partner) up at night.

If you’ve completed your sleep study and are ready for your Oral Appliance Therapy evaluation, click below and schedule with our sleep team, today!

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